Vacation ownership

There are many investments you make to assure a comfortable, safe life for your family and self. You provide for a nice house, material household comforts, a good education for your children, save to celebrate a child’s marriage and so on and so forth. But have you considered providing for the creation of a lifetime of beautiful, cherished moments that bring the family together and give you something to look back on and smile? We know you love travelling with your family. It brings you together, gives you that break you need from daily routine and refreshes you completely. But with rising costs, travelling frequently to exotic destinations and enjoying them in style and comfort becomes a challenge.

Package price list ( classic)

Diamond card - 4 adult 4 (kids age below 6 year)For Two Room

  • 30 year membership dimond card - 6.25 lakh
  • 10 year membership dimond card - 4.25 lakh
  • dimond card amc charge - 16500

Gold card - 2 adult 2 (kids age below 6 year) For One Room

  • 30 year membership gold card - 4.75 lakh
  • 10 year membership gold card - 3.10 lakh
  • gold card amc charge - 9500

(This price list valid 2019 only)